Phone and fax orders

For customers who would like to purchase the FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor using either facsimile or by phone order we can offer the following options.

Facsimile orders

Please print out and fill out the following
Order Form (PDF) and fax to our office in Sydney.

CASI Members please download this special Pro-Deal order form
Pro-Deal Order Form (PDF) and fax to our office in Sydney.
+612 9977 2976

Phone orders
FreestyleMax would encourage the use of the online shop cart, however if you would like to phone through your order, the number is:

+612 9976 3201

This is NOT a free phone call.

For Australian callers, 9am to 5pm would be convenient times to call.

As a guideline for international callers, the following times are reasonable times to call Sydney, Australia.

Time in Time in Sydney
California, America 4pm-12am 9am-5pm
Florida, America 7pm-12am 9am-2pm
Whistler, Canada 4pm-12am 9am-5pm
Oslo, Norway 8am-10am 4pm-6pm
London, UK 8am-10am 5pm-7pm
Sapporo, Japan 9am-11am 10am-12 midday
Israel 9am-11am 4pm-6pm
Russia 9am-11am 3pm-5pm 
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