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Ski conversion kit FreestyleMax
Unfortunately due to a lack of demand, manufacturing of  the FreestyleMax ski conversion ceased.

Snowboarding Mammoth eComic
Thinking of snowboarding some of the world's top terrain parks? Ever wondered what makes each mountain experience unique? Is it the challenging terrain; the long runs; the back country; or even the friendly village lifestyle? Whatever your travel desires the FreestyleMax snowboarding series are designed to take you there. Travel tips and "how to snowboard" tips are all hidden into this accurately illustrated narrative. Providing you with ways to  save money and time on your next snowboard holiday. Conveniently packaged as a CD for you to read on your computer, we’re redefining an ebook. Yes you read it on your computer but you need the CD from FreestyleMax first. It’s too big to email so we’ve burnt it to CD. All you need is adobe acrobat reader (which is free software to download). With postage as low as $4.85, this 104 page comic can be sent to places like America or Europe within 8-10 business days. For less than half the price of a physical comic you can have this FreestyleMax CD Ebook. Click here to order now.

What is Snowboarding Mammoth?
Mammoth Mountain California is true to name with its huge terrain parks and long runs. Although it’s a marathon to get to from Australia, what this mountain makes up for in isolation is more than compensated for with challenging terrain. Read about it in this comic adventure over 100 pages. Following on from spending a season in Whistler, FreestyleMax is snowboarding again and this eGraphic Novel brings you a village map with riding tips. Here are some pages from the Snowboarding Mammoth eGraphic Novel. Online customers who purchase any FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor will be given instant access to chapter 1 of Snowboarding Mammoth!

Here's what Tana J from Melbourne had to say about the FreestyleMax Snowboarding Comic series:

"As a beginner snowboarder i have found the freestyle max comics to be not only a good story but a guide to  technique and unspoken mountain rules, as well as giving an idea of mountains i would like to visit! " 

Here is a sneak preview of the comic

Click on the images to enlarge

Snowboarding Whistler
Have you ever been to Whistler or thought about going? This graphic novel can help pave the way. If you like traveling and snowboarding with your mates, you will like this graphic novel. Join the travel adventures of 5 young aussies snowboarding the world. This graphic novel is the first of its kind for snowboarding. If you've already been to Whistler, relive the memories as this captures all the images with detail and accuracy as if you were there.  If you're old enough to travel overseas on your own, then you're old enough to understand the storyline. Travel mishaps, triumphs, friendships and arguments.  A season in Whistler creates a lifetime of memories and Snowboarding Whistler captures this.

Here's abit of what Whistler's Pique news magazine had to say:

"There is the requisite handsome blond male lead, Freestyle Max, who though remarkably loyal to his dark, silent sidekick Justin, nicknamed Mute for his brevity of speech, is just as remarkably obtuse about women, especially spoiled rich girl Laura who secretly craves the handsome lout. And louts they all are, an oddly compelling group of foul-mouthed adult-sized but emotionally prepubescent characters who rarely consider consequences of their practical jokes or petulant actions....Want to know who has the best burgers in town? Or where to get your bindings repaired? It’s in here in a practical but unlikely to be Tourism Whistler-approved two-page village map that includes location markers for the medical centre, the physiotherapist, the post office (“always a long line”), the info centre, the library (“15 minutes of free internet a day”) and, of course, the liquor store (“grog shop”). For Whistlerites it’s a whole lotta fun to see local landmarks recreated to a T: the front of Marketplace IGA, Whistler Health Care Centre, Moe Joe’s and even the Whistler-Blackcomb logo on park rails are sure to produce a chorus of “look at that!”"

Book review by Vivian Moreau, Pique Newsmagazine

But wait there’s more to this graphic novel. Aussie pro snowboarder Charles Beckinsale (sponsored by DC and Dragon and also illustrates for Australia's digital snowboarding magazine) has accurately drawn four sequence tricks that will be special inclusions in the graphic novel. Here’s a sample on the right. 

Here is a sneak preview of the comic

Click on the comic cover image to open the flip book

New clothing range
Celebrating its first year of business with a new logo, FreestyleMax has launched the new Mammoth eGraphic Novel and these cool shirts. With a short sleeve summer or long sleeve winter option, these cotton tees are available for purchase online now.

The long sleeve shirts are a generous fit with an open sleeve, whereas the short sleeve shirts are a more fashionable tighter fit with rolled raw edges on the neckline, sleeves and hem. Sizes available are as follows:

Short sleeve:
Small Medium Large
48.5cm 51cm 53.5cm

Price: $16.50 (aust) $15 (overseas ie no GST) (excludes postage and handling)

Long sleeve:
Medium Large X Large
55cm 58cm 61cm

Price: $16.50 (Aust) or $15 (overseas customers) (excludes postage and handling)

Clothing and FreestyleMax combo
Bundle one of these great shirts with FreestyleMax and save. Purchase a long or short sleeve t shirt and any model FreestyleMax for $33 (for Australians) or $30 (for Overseas customers) (excludes postage and handling). Click the below link to automatically take you through to tshirt and FreestyleMax bundle page (obligation free).

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