Mikkel Bang

Name: Mikkel Bang
Birthday: January 8, 1990
Homebase: Oslo, Norway
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Board: Burton Custom 164
Boots: Burton Hale™
Bindings: Burton Cartel™
Outerwear: Analog®
Footwear: Nike 6.0
Googles: Oakley
Discover the secrets of a Pro
FreestyleMax is endorsed by professional snowboarder Mikkel Bang (Norway), winner of the 2010 US Open Slopestyle, 2009 Burton Canadian Open Slopestyle, 2008 Burton New Zealad Open Slopestyle and Nissan X-trail Nippon Open ParkStyle just to name a few. Mikkel’s training regime has always involved some form of visualisation and therefore can see the benefits of FreestyleMax. Mikkel Bang has been using toys to simulate his snowboarding tricks for years. So much so when FreestyleMax approached Mikkel about product sponsorship he wanted to know more. Mikkel is on board to Play the Game.

Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Monster, Frends, Nike6.0, Oakley, Session boardshop, Nixon, FreestyleMax
Other recent competition achievements 2010 - 3rd NZ Open Slopestyle, 3rd Oakley Arctic Challenge Slopestyle, 3rd X Games Big Air, 2nd Burton European Open Slopestyle

- 2nd Stylewars Slopestyle, 3rd AST Winter Dew Tour overall rankings

- 2nd Dew Tour Slopestyle
What's your nickname? Miiks.
How did you first get into snowboarding? I was riding skis until I was 7yrs and one day I was riding next to the snowboard park and thought it was pretty cool. Snowboarding seemed more fun.
What do you listen 2 when you're riding? If I'm in comps then I don't have any music. If I'm riding by myself it's fun to have music to motivate you. Rock not really heavy but kinda like punk rock. Maybe instrumental hip hop but not hip hop.
What's your favourite trick? Switch backside 720 with a switch mute. When you're half way round you'll see the landing and you'll know if you're going to hit the knuckle.
When you're not snowboarding what do you like to do? Surfing and skateboarding and hanging out with friends.
What's your favourite saying in English or Norwegian? Peesik (yo!)
Cheey Cheey (CC)
On every trip we go on, we make one new word up. Like in Australia we were saying Yeah Mate! Always saying Mate!
What's it like competing against your best mates? It's really different. Sometimes it's fun and you wish them good luck but always you wanna beat him. But it's always good to have a friend there too so you can support them.
Are you a web surfer? Not really. If I'm on the computer I'm checking emails or playing games or listing to music. I have a mac. I tunes and Garage band are pretty cool.
Do you have an XBox or PS2? Yeah I have an XBox at home. At the moment I'm playing Tony Hawk American Wasteland and Amped.
What's your favourite mountain? That's a tough one. Hemsedal (Norway) not because of the park or the conditions but because I know the mountain. I know everybody there. I'm really local at that mountain.
What snowboard magazine do you buy? Dad likes to buy snowboard magazines like Transworld and Onboard. At the moment I'm reading a Norwegian mag called Play Board because it's in Norwegian and people I know are in it.
What advice would you have for anyone trying to break into the professional snowboard circuit? Totally to have fun. If it's fun you can be everything. If you really want it, if you really want to be good, have fun and try new tricks. So I'd say it's to learn new tricks; have fun and ride with friends.

Some of Mikkel’s earlier competition achievements are as follows:
second in the 2007 Nokia Air & Style; winner of the 2006 Snowboarder Rookie Challenge in the Nokia Air & Style, 2006 Hemsedal Spring Session, 2006 Burton Glory days of Summer (surf/snow/skate), the 2004 European slopestyle and is in such DVDs as White Balance and Lost in Transition

Read more about Mikkel Bang on the Burton website under the “Burton” Team profiles.

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