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FreestyleMax Improves Your Snowboard Technique
 FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor:
  • Is the number 1 choice of pros in Australia, Austria and Canada;
  • Includes an exclusive instructional dvd showing you  twenty two Freestyle tricks; and
  • Can be delivered to you anywhere in the world.
 Now’s the time to discover the secrets of the pros. FreestyleMax has a history of teaching; and is popular with snowboard instructors. See how easily he helped explain some Olympic moves for The Canadian Press in Vancouver (click on the photo right to play the movie of FreestyleMax at the Olympics).

FreestyleMax is FUN

Snowboarding is fun and progressive. You can continue the fun at home with FreestyleMax, the best snowboard action figure. Imagine being able to progress your riding at home using this snowboard teaching tool. How good would it be to learn new tricks before heading back on to the mountain? Improve your chances of progressing your riding with FreestyleMax the Snowboard Instructor. Put yourself back in control of how you want to look on the mountain.

Visualisation is a proven way to boost your confidence in executing a routine. Snowboarding is no different. Expect to become the envy of all your friends. Once they’ve played with your FreestyleMax they will want one.

Please be aware FreestyleMax is selling down stock and will not be producing any more hence why the graphics and clothing on the figurines has not changed since inception. FreestyleMax has enjoyed the support from all industry pundits but it has not been enough to warrant ongoing product development.

You can own the black jacket FreestyleMax edition. Complete with Analog clothing and Burton Love board graphics. This figurine moves just like FreestyleMax and is available now from our online shop.

FreestyleMax Snowboarding :: Improve Your Snowboard Technique

Graphic Novel
Snowboarding Mammoth on CD. Read about FreestyleMax in Mammoth with this new slant on eGraphic novels, or

Purchase FreestyleMax the Snowboard Instructor now and receive a bonus DVD with past team riders Mikkel Bang and Anthony Leffelaar explaining 22 freestyle tricks. This DVD is only available from FreestyleMax.

FreestyleMax Snowboarding :: Improve Your Snowboard Technique

Green Jacket
The next generation FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor.

With a new jacket and board design FreestyleMax brings you the next generation Snowboard Instructor. Now there are 3 to collect.

FreestyleMax Snowboarding :: Improve Your Snowboard Technique
FreestyleMax Snowboarding :: Improve Your Snowboard Technique

"It's a visualisation tool to help instructors improve their communication and to help improve your own snowboarding technique."
Australian Snowboarder Magazine Issue #3 2007

German Flag Moechtest Du gerne mehr auf Deutsch lessen? Klick bitte hier lesen Spanish Flag ¿Te gustaría leer sobre esto en Español? Por favor, presiona aquí
Credit: The Canadian Press
(IOC appointed news agency for Vancouver2010)
Work the moves and play the game like Mikkel Bang and Anthony Leffelaar
photo: Jeff Curtes
photo: Greg Roebuck
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Disclaimer: Snowboarding can be a dangerous sport so always ride within your limits. Freestylemax recommends all snowboarders support the Alpine Responsibility Code and obtain appropriate training and guidance in the sport. FreestyleMax and any of its affiliates and associates accepts no responsibility for any harm or injury incurred by snowboarding after using the FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor or any of the FreestyleMax products