APSI recommends FreestyleMax

FreestyleMax was in Thredbo on 7 June at the annual Trainers Coordination meeting for the Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI). After presenting FreestyleMax the Snowboard Instructor to APSI’s top 30 snowboard trainers, the feedback was overwhelming and positive. APSI saw the benefits of the range of movement in FreestyleMax and will be recommending its instructors use it when teaching snowboard lessons. FreestyleMax the Snowboard Instructor – the instructor used by instructors.

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Disclaimer: Snowboarding can be a dangerous sport so always ride within your limits. Freestylemax recommends all snowboarders support the Alpine Responsibility Code and obtain appropriate training and guidance in the sport. FreestyleMax and any of its affiliates and associates accepts no responsibility for any harm or injury incurred by snowboarding after using the FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor or any of the FreestyleMax products