Terms and Conditions

When you purchase the FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor (the Purchaser) you are accepting the following terms and conditions:

Delivery and despatch times: delivery times will vary for customers all over the world. We are a small company doing our best to post this product to you as efficiently as possible. Due to Covid19, normal delivery times will not apply. Some countries will experience long delays (eg 2-3 months). Pre-Covid19, for Australians in capital cities the delivery could have been as quick as 2 business days but for most overseas customers, this could have been at least 14 business days by standard airmail. Your local customs agent could also cause unexpected delays and this is something beyond the control of FreestyleMax. In terms of despatch and processing by FreestyleMax, it is once a week depending on staff availability. We ask for your patience and understanding.

GST: Australia has a goods and services tax (GST) that is 10% so Australian customers will be charged an extra $3 for the Snowboard Instructor making the price A$33. This is payable by Australians only so overseas customers will not be charged the extra 10% on the price of the FreestyleMax Snowboard Instructor and hence only pay A$30. The correct disclosure of your delivery address is required not only for postage purposes but also to determine whether you pay the 10% GST.

Overseas taxes and charges: For overseas purchasers, there may be overseas duties, customs charges or taxes levied by your country. This is something outside the control of FreestyleMax and therefore overseas customers accept these charges are not the responsibility of FreestyleMax.

Over 16 years of age: It is a condition of sale that the customer is over 16 years of age. FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor is a teaching aide; and a visualisation tool for adult snowboarders. It is not a toy and should be stored safely away from children.

Satisfaction Guarantee

FreestyleMax understands you may have reservations about the range of movement of this product. We've had that many satisfied customers we're offering a satisfaction guarantee. Upon receiving your FreestyleMax, if he cannot move and flex as described or shown on this website, return it to FreestyleMax (PO Box 351 Freshwater NSW 2096) for a refund. Still not sure? Send me an email with your concerns to stephen@freestylemax.com

Refunds policy:  FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor comes in three models and is sent in a cardboard box inside a sealed blister pack. Should you notice the product is faulty and the blister pack is still sealed, we will consider a replacement once the unopened blister pack is returned to FreestyleMax PO Box 351 Freshwater NSW 2096 Australia. Otherwise FreestyleMax has a NO refund policy. FreestyleMax reserves the right to review any refunds on a discretionary basis so please email your queries to stephen@freestylemax.com

Use at own risk: FreestyleMax does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of The Snowboard Instructor in terms of its suitability, correctness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability or otherwise. The Purchaser expressly assumes all risk for use of The Snowboard Instructor. Whilst Snowboarding is a fun and healthy sport, it can also be a dangerous sport, and may result in serious injuries and even death. FreestyleMax recommends all snowboarders respect the Alpine Responsibility Code and obtain appropriate training and guidance in the sport.

Australian dollar charges: FreestyleMax is an Australian company so the Purchaser understands and accepts all charges will be in Australian dollars.

Delivery damages: FreestyleMax is outsourcing its delivery services and cannot guarantee the condition in which your goods will arrive. Whilst it is our intention to use service providers that will take care to deliver your product, the Purchaser accepts that damage may occur and it is not the responsibility of FreestyleMax.

Notification for future reference: The purchaser acknowledges the FreestyleMax privacy policy and understands FreestyleMax may email the Purchaser in the future about upcoming competitions, events, products and services, and news relating to FreestyleMax.

Insurance: FreestyleMax does not offer insurance.