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In 2018/2019 FreestyleMax made inroads to a snowboard school in the Grebnoy Channel (Moscow) as well as continued distribution in Switzerland through Swiss Snow Demo team member and Swiss Snowboard Coach, Samuel Gave.

Published on Jan 14, 2016

Jack Kirby is the snowboard supervisor at Trysilguidene, the ski school in Trysil. Jack is an experienced instructor, and in this video he gives away some tricks to the intermediate snowboarder.

Do you want to give snowboard lessons that are effective, fun and memorable? Imagine having an instant rapport with your class of all ages and language backgrounds. It is possible with FreestyleMax, the best teaching tool for snowboard instructors.

FreestyleMax helps you to:

a) speak a universal language when teaching snowboarding;
b) optimise teaching time on chairlifts; or in lift queues;
c) overcome communication barriers on foggy days when your demo is lost in the distance;
d) explain reference alignments;
e) explain the difference between inclinating to set an edge and angulating to set an edge;
f) show your class instantly what they are doing wrong and how to correct it

All of these benefits can sit right in your pocket ready for use at any time.

Trainers and instructors at the APSI, CASI and the Austrian Snowboard Federation have led the way with visual aides using FreestyleMax.

Instructors and trainers of selected Burton LTR resorts are entitled to a a pro-deal with free shipping and a wholesale rate. To access this special offer you will need the user name and password provided to you by your snowboard supervisor. Click here to access the Burton LTR pro-deal

"To all snowboarders,
FreestyleMax is sick!! He is a great visual aid for levels and all ages. Not only that but he encourages and motivate people to step up their riding to the next level no matter what their current level.
The way FreestyleMax is built biomechanical to mimic a real person is great as some people don't understand the movements made on a snowboard. When you show them using Max it just clicks with them making your job much easier.
With teaching children, he's a life saver on bad weather days or using him as a reward to well behaved kids or even good effort. FreestyleMax makes an appearance everyday on the hill!Have fun",

Gemma W

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Each sticker measures 3.3cm x 1.9cm for you to customize your FreestyleMax with the CASI-ACMS logo (only available online).

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