FreestyleMax and Jeff Batchelor at the Oympic Press Centre

Canadian Olympic Snowboard Half Pipe contender Jeff Batchelor was in the Main Olympic Press Centre in Vancouver with FreestyleMax talking to The Canadian Press last week.

FreestyleMax has had a long association with snowboard professionals (coaches athletes instructors) as a teaching tool. This Olympics, FreestyleMax will be shown to the world (via The Canadian Press) and used to explain the technical moves of some of the Olympic snowboard athletes.

The mens half pipe events kick off Wednesday 17 February 2010 (Vancouver PST) followed by the womens on Thursday 18 February 2010 (Vancouver PST). Be just a like Pro this Olympics and own your own FreestyleMax: click here to purchase.

Photo source: The Canadian Press; Photographer: Tara Walton; Photo Subjects: Jeff Batchelor & FreestyleMax