Yoga and Snowboarding together? FreestyleMax says “yes”

Recently FreestyleMax was approached by Tanya Solvsten, a Level 3 snowboard Instructor and coach at Lake Louise ski resort and a certified yoga teacher. She said

“FreestyleMax was a gift I received from a mentor a few years back, which helped me throw down some big tricks on the slopes I thought I could never do nor see myself doing. I recently gifted one to another female rider/ for another female rider I have been mentoring myself and another one for myself. It’s my personal security blanket and I bring him with me everywhere”

Intrigued by this statement, FreestyleMax learnt Tanya is the coach behind the snowboard camp in Canada. The Magic of Movement program empowers females with the tools and knowledge they need to further their relationship on snow with the mountain. Tanya felt FreestyleMax is an amazing tool that helps synch up mind and body to work together and accomplish great things.  FreestyleMax agreed with the principles embodied by The Magic of Movement program as it is designed to share all those tools of movement, positivity, visualization, breathing, goal setting and faith in oneself.  Thank you Tanya for bringing another dimension to snowboarding. Customers of Tanya can expect to see FreestyleMax in action throughout the program.

Here are some photos of FreestyleMax with Tanya at work.